These Are Three of the Best Betting Sites in Africa

Many Africans enjoy playing free casino slot games for fun, but their true passion lies in sports gambling, especially gambling on football. In Africa, sport used to be about entertainment, but nowadays it is more about trying to make lots of money. The gambling industry in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria is worth a staggering $40 billion a year. This is amazing considering how poor a country Africa is. Below we are going to have a look at three of the best sports betting sites for Africans.

Sport Pesa


This is the biggest sportsbook in East Africa, that is for sure. It has over 1 million customers and is extremely popular in Kenya. It only came into being back in 2014, but it has taken the sport betting scene by storm and is now a major sponsor for sporting events across East Africa. For example, it is the main sponsor of the Kenya Premier League. It is estimated that this sportsbook rakes in a staggering $40 million every year. They have also partnered up with some of Africa's leading banks and radio stations, which has gone a long way to helping them get where they are today.


Supabets is based in South Africa, but it is quickly expanding across the continent. It now has offices in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. They have become extremely popular due to the fantastic promotions that they offer their customers. The sports betting industry is highly competitive in South Africa, so the fact that Supabets is one of the best around goes to show just how good they really are.



Bet9ja is based in Nigeria and they have gone on to become an extremely popular sportsbook. You can find 21 different sports to bet on and a Welcome Bonus that you definitely will not be able to turn your nose up at. If you sign up with them, you can get bonus money of up to 100,000 Naira. At this moment in time, they are not the most popular sportsbook in Nigeria, but give them some more time and they most definitely will be. It is surprising to hear that they have only been in existence for 7 years.

How Does the Sports Betting Industry Make Money?

Sports betting is all about probabilities and odds. People will place sports bets based on their gut feelings, a lot of research, or popular opinion. With every single bet, there will be two categories of people - the winners and the losers. In order to stay in the business and make a profit, every sports betting site has to ensure that they get enough money from losing bets in order to cover the winning bets. In order to make sure this is the case they manipulate the betting odds.